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Publisher's synopsis:

An enlightening and entertaining book about a season spent rock climbing, Why We Climb is "The Endless Summer meets the mountains." Author John Burgman explores the physical, mental and spiritual underpinnings of climbing while interspersing the narrative with illuminating bits of mountaineering history and insight from experts all over the world. From conversations with Craig DeMartino and John Gill to interviews with a climbing psychologist and a renowned bouldering coach, from analysis of the climbing behavior of wild apes and the biological engineering of mankind's skeletal system to an examination of some of the greatest climbing feats of all time, Burgman looks at rock climbing from many angles and discovers that, like our primate ancestors, we were all designed to climb. 

Praise for Why We Climb: A Dirtbag's Quest for Vertical Reason

“Life, engagement, meaning, purpose…all occur in the present moment…What motivation helps us be present? Is it the desire to achieve goals, or is it the passion of casting away those goals? Or is it a mix of both?…John Burgman helps us dig into these issues.”
     —Arno Ilgner, author of The Rock Warrior’s Way

“Excellently crafted, researched and perfect for rest days, Why We Climb is a must-read!”
     —Francis Sanzaro, author of The Boulder: A Philosophy for Bouldering